Stickers Now Available for I-Phone, I-Pad, and Car Windows

Gerard Aflague Collection is now making available an assortment of full-color, vinyl stickers that are repositional, and colorful with an island theme. Over 25 different designs will be added to our product line that will depict regional locals abbreviated in 2 letters, Guam and CNMI seals, and various words that represent several regions in the Pacific.

The two letter decals are great to affix to car vehicles letting others know where your origins are from, while the Guam and CNMI seals are sized to fit nicely on the back panel of an I-Phone, I-pad, or other clean flat surface showing your island pride. As for the various words such as “Chamorro” and “Pacific Islander” to name a few, they work well on car windows, phones, i-pads, or on bumpers.

Your imagination is endless on the number of ways you can use these stickers.

Limited designs are available in inventory. Pre-orders are being taken now at our website, and products will be shipped March 26, 2012.

See all the designs here.

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