A Cultural Resource and Cookbook of Guam and the CNMI Seeks Funding

On June 5, 2019, a worldwide Kickstarter.com campaign was launched to raise funds to publish a book about Chamoru culture and cuisine. This book offers over 75+ pages of cultural narratives, imagery, and culinary practices. It also offers over 100+ Chamoru recipes. This book is co-authored by Gerard and Mary Aflague.

This Kickstarter campaign will run between June 5, 2019 through August 4, 2019.

Gerard and Mary Aflague seek your help to bring this Chamoru cookbook to fruition. It will not only be a great culinary resource for your home, but it will also offer a legacy of Marianas culture. Did we mention that it also makes great gifts for family and friends?

By pledging your support of $35 or more + shipping, you will reserve your copy of our book. If we reach our goal, you’ll receive your book.

By clicking the Kickstarter link above, or click the book cover image below, you’ll be taken to our Kickstarter page where you can pledge your support.

If you would like to inquire about this project or to reach out the co-authors of this book, contact sales@gerardaflaguecollection.com.

Click the book cover below to see our campaign details or to pledge financial support. Gerard and Mary Aflague express their appreciation.

Chamoru Cuisine Guam and CNMI Cook Book

Front cover art of Chamoru Cuisine, A MariƄnas Cultural Legacy | Gerard and Mary Aflague