Gift Certificates Now Available

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your family or friends received a unique colorful illustrated art piece from our website?

Gerard Aflague Collection now has a convenient way for you to send a personalized gift certificate to your family or friends via email in amounts between $1 – $1,000 to be redeemed on our site for any of the products we offer. Give them a gift certificate for their birthday, anniversary, or a holiday.

How it works:

1. You send them a gift certificate through our website.
2. They receive an email advising them of a gift certificate in an amount of your choice.
3. They browse our products and select what they want to buy.
4. At checkout, they use the gift certificate redemption number, and the amount is deducted from their total.
5. We send them the products that they ordered.

Leave the worry to us. We will make sure they get what they want, and we will ensure that it is delivered promptly to their home or office. Did you know that we even send them periodic emails advising them that their package has been packed, or is now being shipped and on its way?

It’s a simple process. We encourage you to play with our online gift certificate form and just see how quickly it works. Click here to demo how your gift certificate would look if you were to send one to your family or friends. We hope you take advantage of our gift certificate program on our website.

Our gift certificate will not expire.

This is a sample of what they would see when they receive an email from you.


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