Plumeria Leis: Easy to Make

ImagePlumeria is a tropical flower related to the Oleander, and both possess a sap may irritate eyes and skin. While Plumeria take many forms and colors, the more common are the white Plumeria with the yellow center, and the more interesting flowers that have come on the scene are the deep pink tones.

Having a plumeria tree within proximity provides for opportunities to make beautiful and fragrant lies. To make a lei, you will need:

Jar of oil such i.e. Vaseline, Lei needle, 4-8 pound fishing line, 30-50 Plumeria flowers, galloon zip type plastic bag, and measuring tape.


1. Measure the length of the lie you would like by roping the fishing line around your neck to measure an adequate amount.

2. Thread the fishing line through the lei needle. Create a knot at the end of the line where the two join open ended. Create several knots if needed to ensure that the flowers are caught at the end. Ensure that the knot is bigger than the average diameter of the flower opening.

3. Keep flowers that are harvested from the tree in a zipped plastic bag and place in the refrigerator until ready to use.

4. Use oil based grease to lubricate needle. Needle flowers one side up, with all in the same direction.

5. Use your desired pattern of colors. Example: 5 yellow, and 2 pink Plumeria.

6. Upon stringing all your flowers through the needle, create a loop with both ends of the line and tie off well with several knots.

7. Place completed leis in zipped plastic bags and place in refrigerator until ready to use.

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