One of Guam’s Animal Landforms Emerges

Bear Rock, a natural land form found at Agfayan Point in Inarajan village on Guam is depicted in the most recent colorful illustration published for the Gerard Aflague Collection online.

Residents and visitors alike who have ventured across the island can’t help but catch a glimpse of Bear Rock against the backdrop of the southern skies as they make there way through Route 4 meandering through the sleepy village of Inarajan, between Talafofo and Merizo village. Off the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Bear Rock is probably the most obvious animal-like rock formation on Guam, aside from Camel Rock.

This rock formation jets out from a rocky outcrop over 50 feet in the air. Probably formed through the weathering and erosion process that occurs in the natural geologic process of time. Its anyone’s guess as to how long this rock will keep its bearish characteristics.

Click here to see and purchase this illustration of the Bear Rock in the Gerard Aflague Collection.

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