GAC Debuts at the San Diego Chamorro Cultural Fest this month

Gerard Aflague Collection (GAC) will take its illustrated products on the road this month. GAC will be one of many vendors at the Chamorro cultural festival in San Diego, California on March 24, 2012.

Over 40 unique illustrations will be available for sale at the festival. Our “Chamorro Style – Fiesta Plate” illustration will be our centerpiece. It will be presented as the focal point of our illustrated offerings. This piece will be printed on 4×5 foot banner, with 39 other illustrations displayed life-size along side it. We also plan to incorporate unique marketing strategies, like Facebook giveaways hourly, visitor photo-ops with our life sized Guam Rail, a special raffle to qualified entrants that visit our booth to win five posters of their choice, and customers who purchase will be entered to win a durable plaqued poster that lasts over 150 years.

This is the first opportunity that we will be a vendor on-site. It will be interesting to gauge customer interest for our unique culturally-themed products. If we do well, we may decide to attend other Pacific Island related events throughout the country and in the islands.

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