Gerard Aflague Collection Offers Select Illustrated Postcards

Gerard Aflague Collection is accepting pre-orders on a pre-selected set of six illustrated postcards.

Pre-Orders Available Online – Shipping Begins March 26, 2012.

While we know that sending emails to family and friends can sometimes seem impersonal, we felt it appropriate to make a few of our illustrated designs available on postcards as an option to communicate with your family and friends.

You can select one, or multiple copies of one, or order a set of six images. These postcards make a wonderful gift set, or provide for a unqiue way to say hello to family and friends from afar.

Each postcard contains not only a beautifully illustrated image, but the back side of the postcard also sports a tropical coconut tree theme with a colorful Guam Rail and Micronesian Fisher to add to its character.

Each postcard is 4.25 inches wide x 6 inches tall, and comes with a glossy coating on the front panel, with a matte finish on the back panel (writing side). Postage rates for postcards of this size are .32 cents for first-class mail.

Browse our website online to see all the postcards offered for pre-order sale.

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