Guam’s PDN Features the Gerard Aflague Collection

Sunday, April 22 was a special day for my family and the Gerard Aflague Collection. This is the day that Guam found out about our efforts to design and market cultural art and illustrations for homes and offices, among other things, across the United States and the Pacific on my website.

The Pacific Daily News, Guam’s largest newspaper owned by Gannett Co., featured a full two-page lifestyle article on our business identifying how we got started, and adding some tips to help the aspiring online entrepreneur. Click to read the article here.

We are encouraged that the Guam Pacific Daily News asked to feature our efforts to promote the culture in the Marianas. I want to thank Therese Howe in Virginia for her time and that of the staff for helping to share my story online and on print .  It is an honor to be part of something bigger, and I hope that I can continue to be a source of digital cultural art to a wider audience across the world, network with organizations to share my skills and talent, as well as work with non-profit organizations and other cultural groups to be a global source for educating the world about Micronesia and the many cultures that make up this region.