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Find an array of Guam gifts, Guam products, and Guam souvenirs online at the Gerard Aflague Collection. The Gerard Aflague Collection is the premier online store for the purchase of a multitude of products in a one-stop shop. Hundreds of products are at your fingertips when you are looking for that birthday or Christmas gift with island-flavor.

Mortar and Pestle w/Guam Seal
Gifts that are available at the Gerard Aflague Collection online store include Guam hats, Guam aprons, Guam wood products, Guam patches, Guam auto products, Guam apparel, Guam decals, Guam cutting boards, and much more.

In this image, a new product is shown which is a mortar and pestle with a lasered Guam Seal on the front face of the mortar. Buy this and over 400 products online today!

Seeing Success in Shipping Guam Gifts and Products Across the US

You’ve heard the saying. When deciding on a business, follow your passion for the work will seem like play.

This is so true. Designing has always been a passion that I’ve had since I can remember. The spark however, was more recent. Glancing at an illustration at a hotel I stayed in earlier this year provided that inspiration.

With the creative juices in me I went to task creating my first illustration with the intent to market it online at Gerard Aflague Collection and at events. Doing my homework I hunted down my suppliers to assist me in my endeavor. That was in March. It’s now December.

In that time, I wrestled with what my niche would be. I think I’ve settled in the Pacific Island market, more specifically the Marianas. That’s because that is what I know well. In addition, this is a market that is not being served well. Looking back, I realized that there isn’t much online that is being offered to folks that are from the Pacific Islands. The rest is history. That is for now.

With many illustrations created, and hundreds sold at events and online, we’ve expanded into so many other products – aprons, dining ware, kitchen ware, bags, plaques, and more. Much of this broadening was just trial and error, understanding what could be unique was more of the challenge. Today we offer many other things besides illustrations, and have created many other things that have been asked for by our clientele. I’ve become indebted to the hundreds of folks who have come to trust what I do to be able to create something that they would appreciate. Reminders of culture is powerful, it creates feelings of belonging and a sense of identity. This is what I try to do in the products that I create.

Home and office decor, with a Guam/CNMI and island flavor is the focus on my line. With the hundreds of orders  fulfilled to date, I can see success ahead as I continue to identify products that folks might enjoy. Over the next several months even more exciting things are coming down the pipe, as new technologies are being introduced to make some product development a reality. I’ll save this for a later post.

Below I share the many places across the world where my designs and products have shipped. I’d love to hear your perspective and comments, share it below!


Cool Guam Gifts, Guam Products, and Guam Souvenirs Online Now!

It’s been only six short months since we started selling Guam gifts and many Guam art products, as well as many other unique Guam home and office decor online. Thus, we can proudly say that we’ve grown beyond our expectations among other things. To accommodate our growth and popularity, we have integrated another website URL called PacificIslandGuam.Com to bring about Internet traffic from online viewers searching for the topic Guam or Pacific Island Guam. Our presence will be thus further catapulted online as we are integrating a wider search engine approach.

As part of this effort, we are also updating our website to provide a more contemporary shopping experience online. While we currently offer fine-art illustrations, Guam apparel, and Guam gift-plaques, we will be expanding our product line with other interesting products including Guam lasered apparel with unique logo designs, Guam-themed bed sets, Guam pillows, Guam awards, Guam curtains, and much more.

Visit us at Gerard Aflague Collection for a variety of Guam wood products, Guam gifts, Guam souvenirs, Guam bags, Guam engraved products, Guam bath products, Guam living home and decor products, and much more.

I ask that you spread the word and tell your family and friends about our website PacificIslandGuam.Com and all the uniquely designed products from the Gerard Aflague Collection. And while we look forward to being able to fill your hunger on one of hundreds of products online, feel free to use the code FIRST5OFF as a first-time customer to earn 5% off your new order.

Island-Styled Aprons Debut as Popular Guam Island-Styled Gift Products

Pacific island living is personified in many forms. Whether you are an islander living on Guam, a tourist visiting for Guam’s sun and surf, a transplant living in the mainland, or a college student studying abroad, the one thing they have in common is that the essence of the island continues to remain in their heart and soul.

For some, reminiscing on the images and words that remind them of the islands is enough to satisfy the hunger inside. One product that fills this void of the Pacific-Islands is embodied in custom apron products designed with the islands of Guam, Saipan, and Hawaii in mind. With many exclusively designed choice products on PacificIslandGuam.Com, the kitchen or should I say the chef can dress to impress their love for the islands. Designed exclusively by an islander, these aprons are only a few of many Guam products that are available as Guam gifts to family and friends that are local or abroad.

While there are over 28 apron designs for purchase online, more are being designed and made available weekly. If these designs are not what you were seeking, you can request for custom designed aprons that fit your specific needs and application. While Guam hotels and many Guam retail outlets don’t offer these products, you can visit us online today and oder your favorite designs for gift-giving which can be shipped directly to your family or friends on your gift-giving list.

Marianas Name-Art Gifts of Guam & Saipan

There are a vast array of unique gifts of Guam and the CNMI on the Internet, including t-shirts, wood carvings, and much more. However, one of the newer and interesting products is Island Name-Art – exclusively available on PacificIslandGuam.Com, dba Gerard Aflague Collection. This is a new fine-art product that depicts the many flora and fauna of the Mariana Islands including the Guam Rail, Micronesian Kingfisher, Marianas Fruitbat, Coconut Trees, and much more, comes in both a traditional Giclee print.

With a beautiful motif of the islands with a Chamorro hut, a rainbow, Flying Proa, and much more, designs highlight names in a distinctive styles displaying male, female, and surnames, including the words Hafa Adai – the Mariana Islands greeting, and the words Guam, and the University of Guam, among others.

Female Island Name-Art

Guam gifts are many, but this new Island-Styled  product is a very beautifully designed fine-art print appropriate that is second to none. Displayed in a large 10×24 inch print, this illustration displays beautifully for children’s rooms, foyers, or even island-style gift-giving.  To order one of several designs, or to create your custom Island Name-Art, visit PacificIslandGuam.Com today!