New Guam & CNMI Children’s Books Making Debut

Guam Kid's Book Titles

Chamorro ABCs and Ai Adai Guali’ek Everywhere are two Guam & CNMI Children’s books that were recently released as part of the Gerard Aflague Collection. Marianas-centric and full of illustrations, these soft-cover books provide the very young minds with plenty of visual delight. Teaching about Chamorro alphabets or telling a rhyming story about little gecko critters called guali’ek provides for new opportunities to bring the culture and island spirit into one’s homes.

Illustrated by Gerard Aflague, his wife Mary Aflague was also instrumental in providing editing support for these two titles.

Order these two titles on or through the Gerard Aflague Collection online.

In the coming weeks, the newest title to be released is called Little Chamorrita, Did I tell you? This book provides a parent a tool to explain to a young chamorrita just how much she is loved. Using tropical illustrations to get the message across, this soon-to-be-released title is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Be ready to order this new title in the coming weeks on both sites mentioned above.