Finadene Bowls Inspire Chamorro Cultural Cuisine


Finadene is a cultural Chamorro condiment that Pacific Islanders across the Marianas Islands of Guam, Saipan, Rota, and Tinian love. They offer so much flavor when paired with meats, and other sides. Some Chamorros swear by it when they put loads of Finadene on rice. Others, like myself, enjoy Finadene on bar-b-que meat such as chicken and beef.

Our 18oz Finadene bowl is an original creation made in a variety of colors that sports a beautiful logo that includes onions, soy sauce, lemons, hot pepper, and tomatoes. Yes. I love Finadene with tomatoes as it adds a chunky experience when poured onto a fiesta plate full of delightful food fare. It’s a perfect parking spot on one’s dinner table to hold a load of one’s favorite Finadene recipe.

Finadene bowls – perfect as gifts for family and friends – are available online for purchase – click here.