Chamorro Book: Shapes – Fotmasion Siha

A new book entitled Shapes – Saying it in Chamorro – Fotmasion Siha is the newest learning tool to teach shapes in Chamorro – the language of the people of the Mariana Islands. It is a 50 plus page book that is sure to be a favorite among those wishing to own children’s books that are designed to educate and entertain.

This book is expected to roll-out the week of September 8, 2014 as a soft-cover physical book. To view and order all available titles from author Gerard Aflague, visit either website to order online on Gerard Aflague Collection and on

In the coming weeks and months, as part of his plans to roll out an expanded offering, Gerard will be offering his titles as electronic downloads for e-readers on the Kindle (providing minimal interactivity), and on Apple products (with greater interactivity including audio and video enhancements as tools to learn Chamorro).

Shapes in Chamorro Soft Cover Art Front

The Gerard Aflague Collection’s book on shapes is our seventh title to be published in the last three months. This new title has a new tool incorporated as part of learning Chamorro words and phrases.

Shapes in Chamorro Soft Cover Art Back

Pages within the book are in two parts, the first is a review of all eleven known shapes that can be translated into Chamorro. In addition to illustrating each shape and its Chamorro translated word, Gerard developed a tool he coined “SayEasy”, which uses English words to guide the reader to properly pronounce words in Chamorro. Part one shows immediately below.

Shapes in Chamorro Master-01 Shapes in Chamorro Master-02 Shapes in Chamorro Master-03 Shapes in Chamorro Master-04 Shapes in Chamorro Master-05 Shapes in Chamorro Master-06 Shapes in Chamorro Master-07

The second part of the book includes a section to evaluate how well a person memorizes and understand how to say the shapes in Chamorro. The following are a few examples of part two of this book.

Shapes in Chamorro Master-28 Shapes in Chamorro Master-29 Shapes in Chamorro Master-30 Shapes in Chamorro Master-31 Shapes in Chamorro Master-32 Shapes in Chamorro Master-53 Shapes in Chamorro Master-54

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