A New Year 2014 with Exciting Plans!

We say good by to 2013 and count our blessings. We’ve grown beyond our expectations. We thank you for this. We’ve met so many milestones including having shipped to all the 50 states, Guam, the CNMI, and to many U.S. military bases world wide. Over 600 families and maybe even more carry our products in their home today. We’ve shipped thousands of our products to many customers across the worlds, and showcased our website to over 50,000 visitors on our website since we first opened our online store. Our line of products have grown exponentially, and we’ve broadened our presence to offer our products on GerardAflagueCollection.com, Amazon.com, and Ebay.com.

Exciting plans are up our alley for the Gerard Aflague Collection for 2014 as we anticipate and think up new and interesting things to offer many customers who have continued to support us since 2012. We’ve heard from many of you and the message is clear. You want us to think of new and unique products that we have continually provided over the months and years. We don’t plan to disappoint you. In fact, we think that the following things we have in store will be unique and exciting.

Plans for 2014

  • Offer a variety of plastic and silicone molds in a variety of Guam and Chamorro themes to create beautiful chocolate, butter, and hard candy pieces
  • Offer food products that many Guamanians throughout the world are seeking at a reasonable price
  • Offer digital products including Chamorro ringtones, chants, and music singles on GerardAflagueCollection.com,  iTunes, Amazon.com, etc.
  • Offer CDs of singles, Chamorro chants, and more
  • Offer Chamorro and English translations of the rosary and novenas in book form and as digital e-book for smartphones
  • Offer premium designed and classy Chamorro greeting and thank you cards
  • Offer stone products for porch and entry way greetings, as kitchen aides, and more
  • Offer Chamorro and Guam designed packaging and gift boxes for use as partner products, but also to sell to other seeking Guam-themed packaging for their gift giving
  • Offer more affordable stickers, decals, and related products
  • Offer a wider choice of newly designed blankets, illustrations, and more
  • Offer Guam and Chamorro themed metal belt buckles and leather products
  • Offer Guam and Chamorro themed key-chains, luggage tags, and magnets
  • Offer a line of Chamorro chants on a variety of products representing the unique and rich language of the native people of the Marianas

While we have even more planned, we can’t divulge too much on this blog article. We just ask that you visit us regularly to see what we have launched since the last time that you have been on our online stores.

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