Order Tamper Proof Prescription (Rx) Pads for Guam, CNMI (Saipan, Rota, Tinian), FSM, and Palau Physicians

If you are a physicians office in the islands of Guam, the CNMI (Saipan, Rota, Tinian), the Federated States of Micronesia, or Palau, and are looking to order affordably priced tamper prescription (Rx) pads, the Gerard Aflague Collection can help you. 

With new laws governing the dispensing of prescription medications especially for controlled substances, and for programs under the Medicaid program, many medical offices need to comply with many state and federal laws that require these pads to be manufactured with minimum tamper-resistant characteristics from an approved printer.

Portrait Prescription RX PadWhile you may be able to source tamper-proof, Medicaid compliant prescription pads on island, you may be paying too much for them. One medical group ordering from our company has said that they were paying almost three-times when they ordered from a vendor on Guam. This may even be higher for other islands outside of Guam.

If you are a physicians offices needing affordable tamper-proof prescription pads, please contact the Gerard Aflague Collection today to get a quote by filling out the online custom quote request form. The Gerard Aflague Collection is a mainland broker of printing services that assists to obtain your Rx compliant pads. We assist to place the order, inspects them, and package them in water-proof plastic, before sending them via USPS Priority mail to your physician’s address. Your product will be trackable, insured, and sent within 5-10 days after we have packaged them for remittance.

Rx pads are customizable with numbering, additional prescriber, name and addresses, etc.

Order one or two-part (carbon) tamper resistant physician prescription pads that are Medicaid compliant, customized for your medical practice.

Security features include:

-Opaque “Rx” image in background
-Watermark on back visible at 45 degrees
-Micro printed border
-Copy and erasure resistant background
-Thermochromatic ink box (printed on back) outlining security features
-Thermochormatic “Rx” disappears when rubbed or heated
-VOID appears on any reproduction

Landscape Tamper Proof Prescription Pads

Note: Physicians offices will be required to provide the physician’s DEA license number which will be verified and checked prior to the order being placed and printed. We will only ship orders directly to the physician’s office or medical group address after verifying that this is in fact accurate.

We also can source EMR Prescription paper with these same security features for your physician office’s needs.

EMR Prescription Paper

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