We’ve Expanded Our Wares

We thought we’d bring you up to speed on what has been happening over the last several months. In a nutshell, we’ve expanded our products on Gerard Aflague Collection.

While we began by offering primarily basic poster illustrations, we now have expanded our offerings so that customers can now select various types of museum quality prints to choose from, including Giclee posters, canvas, aluminum slate, wall adhesives, as well as our fine art plaques.

If you have not visited us over the last several months, we have also added a host of home and office products including shower curtains, rugs, glassware, i-phone cases, totes, coasters, and t-shirts. Much of these products are essentially made for gift-giving.

In the last few weeks we’ve added some blankets that are pretty neat as they are printed edge to edge and are a dual use product. They keep you warm, and when not used, can be hung on a wall as decor.


We have also added some unique gift-sized table top and wall hanging plaques, some of which are very popular with islanders including the plaque that asks your visitors to take off their footwear.

In the interest of pacific island folks, we’ve tried to expand our products so you can have more choices for gift-giving and decor.

Remember, that while we are all about creating new and interesting products, we always are available to custom design a product for your specific need. Thank you and Si Yu’os Ma’ase.

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