Unique T-Shirt Designs Debut This Week

I’m excited to announce that we’ve started to release a line of apparel, starting with t-shirts as part of our effort to expand our product offerings. In an effort to differentiate our product offerings from many others who sell t-shirts, I’ve come up with the following list.

Unique lines – While many other island t-shirt companies come up with a very focused or random method of determining designs, we have come up with three tee shirt lines focusing on 1) the youth demographic, 2) nostalgic designs, and 3) highlighting our flora and fauna.

Single and multiple colors – While most t-shirt companies that make island tees focus on one, two, and three color combinations in their designs, we have made an extra effort to not only provide for these color combinations, but we also are happy to offer full color designs that allow us to be limitless with our colorful expression.

Reasonable Prices – We have worked with Denver based providers to identify quality tees, while at the same time allowing for lower price points in order to pass along the savings to you. While we have started with our full-color tee line at $19.99, we expect that our single, double, and triple color offerings will be priced less than this. Most of our competitors are pricing their island tees between $19 and $29.

Free Shipping – All our tees are priced with FREE shipping to addresses across the 50 states, all U.S. territories, including Guam, and affiliated areas including APO/FPO, CNMI, FSM, and Palau.

Gift Wrapping Available – If you plan to purchase a tee and would like to ship it to another address, we would be happy to wrap it in distinctly beautiful island style gift wrapping.

New Designs Weekly – Check back on our website as we will be offering new island designs weekly. Heck, check back daily. You might be surprised.

So now that you know the low down, all you have to do is try ordering one of our distinctly and uniquely designed tees today. We are sure that you’ll be happy with your experience and with your purchase.

Before I go, I should share one more thing. Because we not only sell tees now, but also an awesome line of island themed posters, stickers, and other stuff, you can order a bunch of stuff and be a happy camper when you receive them all.

To see our newest line of products, click our Gerard Aflague Collection tee line, and when you see a tee you like, please spread the word by “liking the page” with our Facebook button. Check back often as we are putting up new designs almost every day!

Adios for now!

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