Guam Villages Sport New Flags

Did you know that Guam villages have their own flags? Yup. They do. In fact, it’s been a little over a year since Guam adopted these flags representing the culture and landmarks of each village. This effort is aligned with the Guam public law on the establishment of such flags. Guam Code Annotated 2000, §1031 reads that the various Municipal Planning Councils of the Territory may adopt an official municipal flag which depicts the history and culture of the respective village. However, efforts to publicize their achievement have been paltry.

With this knowledge, Gerard wanted to do his share and elevate the awareness of these flags to the general public by designing and publishing Guam Village Facts and Flag Illustrations. By using social networking sites to ask Guam residents their opinion, he was able to gauge their interest.

We are encouraged by the response. Many of those who viewed them were drawn to the flag colors and complimentary design elements. Many felt it embodied their village and captured a few of their landmarks. Additionally, the illustrations in total represented their village and they said that they were really intrigued by the designs, Gerard said.

With all Guam 19 municipal flags available online, interested customers now have an opportunity to purchase and display a unique illustration that represents their Guam village.

To see all Guam Village Facts and Flag Poster Illustrations, visit

One comment on “Guam Villages Sport New Flags

  1. Hello, I ‘am the poet/writer Danny Best, pen-name, Sandman the Dreamer, I have written a trio of poetic verses for “Island Girls” to be published as posters to market to the world. I believe that joining my 3 poetic verses with quailty photography or quality illustrations of island girls, (from the Mariana Island Chain), would make a beautiful trio of highly collectable poster art. Let me know if you would like to review my 3 “Island Girl” works for such a project.

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