Fruit Dove Takes the Spotlight

The Palau and Marianas Fruit Dove take center stage as depicted in our most recent illustrations published for the Gerard Aflague Collection. Known scientifically in Palau as Ptilinopus pelewensis, and in the Marianas as Ptilinopus roseicapilla, this bird species shows its beauty through its variety of showy colors.

While this bird is endemic in the islands of Palau, it is considered extinct on the island of Guam, with populations dwindling in the Northern Marianas islands due to the accidental introduction of the Brown Tree Snake. The Tottot as it is called in Guam, the Paluman Tottot as it is called in the Northern Marianas, and the Biib as it is known in Palau is more than just a bird in Micronesia. It happens the be the official national bird of the islands of Palau and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

In its short range habitat of Micronesia, this bird lays a single white egg and is cared for by both parents. It has a red forehead, greyish head, back and breast, and yellowish orange belly patch and undertail coverts.

Click here to see the illustration of the Palau Fruit Dove in the Gerard Aflague Collection.

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